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Skin Care
 Exfoliation is not our goal. Instead of removing a protective layer of outer skin. Our goal is new growth of collagen and elastin. Slower turnover of Dermal cells. Improved moisturizing of outer skin with ozonated oils and vaso-dilator.
Our skin cream contains whole aloe vera juice, concentrated 3x.  Phospholipids, organic apple cider vinegar, lymposomal vitamin c, copper 1, niacin, hemp seed oil, black seed oil, ozonated MCT oil, essential oils, cinnamon bark, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, and lemon oil. Organic Cocoa phenols, organic beeswax, Arrow root and colloidal silver.
Ozone stimulates growth factors, supplies oxygen, and inhibbits anaerobic microbe colonization.
YES, We Did Say, "Growing new blood vessels?" Why not? It's called angio- genesis. That is our goal.
Extreme skin Conditions:    Cracked heals.  Post chemo flaking and sloughing, Skin toxicity rashes, Burns. Scar prevention. Wound Healing. Most flaking conditions are reversed upon the first application. Not meant for fungal infections.


Scalp Rejuvenation

Many of the same principals exist for scalp renewal as they do for skin care.


Neuropathy  Never did we ever imagine nerve pain can be addressed with topical creams and oral supplements.  What a relief to see copper1  absorb through skin and into nerves and muscles. Depending on the cause of neuropathy, this copper 1, synergy can be explained through biochemistry and human physiology. Copper is neurophilic and helps in the production of ATP, in nerve cells, as inflammation inhibits ATP production. So inflamed nerves are restricted from producing ATP as absorption is impaired. This happens in almost all cells when they are inflamed. Dr. Keith Brewer stated that inflamed cells are unable to absorb calcium and oxygen. Copper improves electron transport, even in nerves, and electron transport is a process which yieds 34x more ATP than oxidative and fermentation pathways.


Chronic Infections   Patented, ionized copper kills most gram negative organisms and keeps them in check. This reduces stress upon the immune system and allows other healing processes to succeed.


I think the niacin makes my skin glow due to increased vaso dialation. Fewer zits, softening of wrinkles, and  my acne scars shrinking. Million dollar product in my medicine chest.  Grateful!

K.M. L.

I grew peach fuzz over my bald spot in just three months and while using Rogaine I saw no such improvements.



Telomeres need

healthy metals

 Metalic Tips / DNA

Noble Metals Are Part of Our DNA


Every item in our store has been used by licensed healthcare professionals. Because of their effectiveness we have chosen to become advocates for these items.   We already offer guaranteed results in 90 percent of neuropathies and knee pain with our patented ionized copper formulations. We aren't stopping there.

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