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World's Greatest Nasal Wash.

World's Greatest Nasal Wash.

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This sterile water wash does not contain Benzoids. The preservative Benzakonium chlorides is not somethng to spray up your nose every day.  This sterile water contains colloidal silver as an anti microbial preservative. It also contains 1/100th of the amount of active ingredients found in Afrin.  Trace amount only. This prevents rebound.  Gently washes, moisturizes, and gradually opens up your nasal passages gently with an emphasis on a wash and not a spray. You will want to take this everywhere you travel. Makes sleep possible, reduces snoring. There will be no rebound congestion from this product no matter how often you use it. There is no addictive nature to the decongestant as this is mainly a way to wash and moisturize the nasal cavities. Colloidal silver is anti bacteria, anti spirochete, anti fungal, anti viral compound. RESEARCH LINKS:


    Contains sterile water,  Colloidal Silver, 10,000 ppm.  One drop per ounce. Oxymetazalone. 5 drops per 2 oz. Use 4 pumps to start and flush your nasal passages. If you do not feel drainage in your throat repeat this step upon first application.   Use as often and much as needed.  This is a nasal wash, but the silver has proven anti microbial activity.  Viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus are all sensitive to silver.


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