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Ozone Generator Kit

Ozone Generator Kit


This kit is for those persons receiving aggressive therapies for any condition that can be considered an anaerobic pathology.   The Kit consists of an oil bubbler, water bubbler, silicon tubing, instillation catheters for those doing rectal or vaginal insufflations. Also contains the flasks for bubling water and oils. Connectors for the tubing and also, insufflation bags to help measure the amounts being instilled.  



  • Specifications



    VDC Universal Power
        Input 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 amps
        Voltage 12 VDC
        Oxygen feed required
        Ozone output up to 70 Ug/ml (gammas)
        3/16" inner tube size; 5/16" outer tube size
        Dimensions: 10"x7.5"x3" painted aluminum
        All ozone-resistant components

    1. Two flasks with sealed bubblers, intake and output
    2. Stone bubbler is for water treatment.
    3. Glass bubbler is for oil treatments.

    NOTE: Requires oxygen source.

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