Moringa Seeds 16 oz.

Moringa Seeds 16 oz.

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This is your survival tree!  Approx.  1,000 seeds.  SPECIAL HANDLING!

Cheapest moringa seeds I could find are those sent straight from the growers.


Fast growing tree that performs well in sunny regions as long as it has parent shade when first starting to grow. Ground temps are now too extreme even for some cactus.  Seedlings are vulnerable to heat and too much radiation.


Seed pods are 11/2 feet long.  The edible nutrition is found in the leaves, pods and seeds.


Ounce per ounce this tree will provide more protein than eggs, More vitamin c than oranges, more potassium than bananas, and boasts medicinal properties.


Medicinal properties:   In the seeds there are alkaloids that are heavily pro oxidant. The skin of the pods boasts of complex polyphenols similar to apple skin. The pulp of the pods boasts of lipo polysacharides similar to aloe.


The tree will go dormant in the winter.  Trim back 1/3.    Water every other day in heat. Partial shade is a must.


Other benefits:  Fiber content is high in the pods.  Minerals are wide spread collection of  various minerals, ie., magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese,  and  B6 especially high as well.


Since these seeds are edible they are required to undergo special handling and shipping.



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