Colloidal Silver 500 ppm/  Nano Sized, (quart)

Colloidal Silver 500 ppm/ Nano Sized, (quart)

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550 ppm / 32oz, concentrations yield smaller particle size. Although science has shown that particle size does not affect oxidation states and abilities, many people think nano particles absorb better. There is a window in size tolerances, and the absorpton we know is not proportionate to size when it comes to neutral noble metals. True, After a certain size many minerals have trouble crossing the cell membrane but that doesn't mean "the smaller the size the larger the absorption." We are looking at threshold relationships and not proportionate relationships.  Silver is highly absorbable as our own bodies have receptor sites for noble metals both in the DNA and in organelles of the cell.  Anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial compounds of silver are used in medicine today. RESEARCH LINKS:

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