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Advanced Skin Formula

Advanced Skin Formula

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This literally can replace most of your first aid creams. Sunburns, minor wounds, infected follicals, scabbing.  Prevents overgrowth of fibrous scar tissue.

Imagine what it can do as a skin moisturizer.  Also you may want to experiment with it for nerve pain and joint pain as this contains some of the mains ingredients found in some pain creams.


But, the buttery cream can go underneath make up.  Excellent night cream.  Moisturizer with organic shea butter, ozonated coconut oil, black seed oil, jojoba oil, liposomal vitamin c,  copper 1, niacin, colloidal silver, organic coco powder, coco butter, organic beeswax, lavender, rose, eucaliptus, clove, cinammon bark, essential oils.  Also contains tea tree oil.  Contains hemp seed oil.   Not intended for fungal infections.


  • Apply Sparingly, Massage Into Scalp or Skin.

    Keep at room temperature or cooler.  Will firm up in cooler temperatures but still usable.  Use on cracked heals. Flaking skin.






    $8.95  FLAT RATE

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