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Synergy Is The Name of the Game

Before we achieve synergy between compounds we must first understand how they work.      For example: 

Healing a wound faster is achievable through many different approaches. Increased blood flow is why people soak injuries in hot water. Improved oxygenation is why people use oxygen therapies. Infection prevention is a concern as infections will delay healing and increase scarring.   But most of all, new blood vessel formation and collagen cross- linking are the backbone of tissue repair and scar prevention! 

Logically, we should try to exploit all of these mechanisms in any skin care product, should we not?


The Science is Provided Here!

Just imagine a skin care product that improves blood circulation, oxygenation, collagen formation, new blood vessel growth,  infection control and DNA transcription support. That would be a special product by anyone's standard. These processes are the basis for all of our products.

Technology is what skin health is all about.   Did you know that the telomeres of your DNA glow under white light? 

Microscopic View of Metallic Tips on DNA

Real Science
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* All highlighted text links to hard research/data!


Disclaimer: Some of these statements have in fact been evaluated by the FDA, (no objection letter, NDI # 910) and the U.S. Patent office However not all statement have been evaluated by the FDA and should not replace the advice of your doctor.

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