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Kimbertouch was founded by true healthcare professionals. Our goal was to address the causes of tissue failures including scalp, face, collagen pathologies, and even some myopathies.
Many skin conditions are the result of systemic issues so health science needed to be the driving force behind research and development. This represents a new approach to skin health.


This is why some tissue repair protocols should involve systemic interventions and we found that collagen, nerve, and even cartilage issues were improving in test subjects who were treating joint discomfort and energy depletion. We did not expect to see such a systemic impact with these patented compounds. We were addressing skin conditions and yet test subjects were reporting improvement of other systemic issues. In addition test subjects who were treating musculo/skeletol issues reported improvements in skin integrity.  The research by NCBI and medical schools reveal why.

These findings propelled Kimbertouch into realms of health maintenance that were not even imaginable when this journey began.  The goals became inflated from beauty and hair to myopathies, fatigue, and discomfort.

Now the whole body is being addressed in cases of scalp health, folliculitis, flaking, scarring. Yes, it appears that by addressing fatigue,  pain, muscle wasting, even depression we are helping the skin in ways we never dreamed of. Conversely, when addressing skin issues with nutrition we were helping various systemic issues as well.


With oral nutrition and topical creams we have accomplished the impossible.

Super Health Food



Statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not replace the advice of your doctor. Research on Silver, Humic Acid, and Vitamin C have been linked numerous times in numerous places on this website.  Silver and Humic acid have shown activity, in vitro, against  Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza, Herpes and recent surface coatings have been showing to inactivate actual covid 19 on surfaces that were pre treated. Those studies  are also linked on many pages.
INSTRUCTIONS                                    INSTRUCTIONS                                                  INSTRUCTIONS



This protocol has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Onset of symptoms take 3-4 thousand mg of vitamin c with food.


Please mix timed- release with immediate release vitamin c.


For silver: Onset of symptoms of the 500 ppm, take 1- dropper in glass of water. Silver can be taken on empty stomach. Can do that first if need be. If so, Silver 10,0000 ppm, take 5 drops with water. . Wait 15 minutes Eat/drink snack and take the humic acid/ vitamin c. Then try to coordinate with meals all future dosings. If you weigh over 200 lbs/ may want to titrate higher on your dosings by taking a fourth dose humic and vitamin c. Third dose of silver. Silver is only taken twice per day but if you are symptomatic you should dose 3x per day. All other dosings are 3x per day with food. If at bedtime you feel symptomatic, re- dose vitamin c with a snack and humic acid with a snack and take a third dose of silver. Do not take peroxide with the silver.


Lyposomal C is equal to about 3k mg of water soluble vitamin c. If you are heavier than 200 lbs. You can double your silver dosings on you loading dose Add, 1000mg of vitamin c to your follow- up dosings, subsequent dosings.


Other things that are helpful.

Acyclovir family prescription meds:  separate by two hourse from protocol dosing. Take it with a snack or food.


Silver nasal wash: Opens up airway and addresses nasal infections directly. Kills viruses immediately in sinuses.

Vitamin d; macrophage stimulation.

Reiche or Aloe Vera: Oral polysacharides increase total numbers of circulating white cells.

Oyxgen for hyperbaric style breathing, let the machine fill your lungs for you. Keep blood oxygen at 100 per cent or higher. How can your body operate at 100% if your oxygen level is not 100%.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep dosing even though your symptoms will abate. If not you must re dose until they do. Re dose this protocol if your symptoms do not abate. Your symptoms cannot and should not persist if you intervene swiftly they should not.  Your goal must be zero symptoms; you should not let this thing off the hook either.


If you let it keep coming back you can extend your treatment duration needlessly and increase viral loads while keeping your immune system dormant. This is what you do not want! Gradually letting the viral load increase and then to slow down an initial immune response is a bad thing if you keep letting the symptoms return. Initial response is inflammatory. Cells rupture! You prevent rupture then your initial response to that infection is suppressed. This phenom. is specific to vitamin c because it works inside the cells.

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